Lesson Plan

Chemotaxis Using C. elegans

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Have you ever wondered what roundworms are like? Or what they don't like? Explore the sensory preferences of C. elegans through this controlled chemotaxis experiment. Biology class members brainstorm what substances might attract—or repel—the nematodes and observe the outcome. It includes detailed instructions and a materials list to make it even easier.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide some background information on C. elegans if pupils are not familiar with the species or with roundworms in general
  • Ensure the substances used as attractants/repellents are safe for use within the high school lab setting, as well as safe for the worms that are participating in the tests
Classroom Considerations
  • Plan at least two days for completing the lab, questions, and lab report
  • Procure the roundworms, as well as all other needed materials, in advance using the materials guide
  • The procedure is an interesting way to examine the likes and dislikes of a roundworm species in a controlled setting
  • Learners can pick attractants/repellents, which affords them research opportunities before the lab
  • The explanations are detailed and step-by-step and include additional questions and notes for a perfect execution
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