Video Library

Check out our library of videos on how to get the most out of Lesson Planet. Learn why and how Lesson Planet works for teachers, how to search for reviewed resources, and how to build and edit curriculum collections.

Lesson Planet Collections QuickTour

Gather, organize, and manage all your lesson planning resources in one handy place. Watch this overview to learn how.

How to Build a Collection

Create collections: it's drag-and-drop easy! Keep your curriculum resources tidy and accessible from wherever you are, whenever you need them.

How to Edit Collections

Learn to organize and edit your collections so everything's up-to-date, arranged the way you like, and at your fingertips, exactly the way you want!

How to Use the Curriculum Manager

Make the most of your Curriculum Manager: organize and manage your Collections, favorites, uploaded resources, and more.

New Members Webcast

Spend 15 minutes discovering in more detail how to make the most of the curriculum search and planning tools that are part of your Lesson Planet Membership. Welcome!

OER Curation and Review Process

How does Lesson Planet make your life easier? See how we curate the highest quality online curriculum and ensure quality you can trust with a rigorous 144-point resource evaluation rubric.

Why Lesson Planet?

We're teachers too, so we understand what you need to get things done and out the door! Let us help save you hours of time with teacher reviews, powerful search technology, online educational technology PD videos, and more!

Lesson Planet QuickTour

Gotta minute? See how Lesson Planet works for hard-working teachers like you! We’ve been there, we get it!