Art Authority K-12

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Image field trips to museums that display over 1000 major works of western art. Imagine no airfare, no long lines, and only one admission fee. Imagine viewing at your convenience, with your own private docent providing information about the artist. Imagine being able to arrange the works as you see fit. Imagine, or you could just buy this amazing app.

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App Overview

Getting Started:

  1. Tap the gray Getting Around button on the bottom-right corner of the home page for helpful tips on navigating the app
  2. Tap the Navigating and Searching button to view search options
  3. The first page lists the room options, divided by time period; tap the image of the time period you wish to explore
  4. Tap Overview to see the options available for each room
  5. The Directory contains an alphabetical listing of all the artists
  6. The back arrow at the top of the page takes you back to the main wall of the gallery
  7. Tap again to return to the main page

Additional Features:

  • Links are provided to information about the artist's life and works
  • Expanding to full screen reveals new icons and options at the bottom of the page
  • Images can be saved to the Photos app, shared, or purchased
  • The directory also lists works with videos and the location of all works
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Curator Rating
  • Adherence to task

    A massive collection of western art

  • Worth the money

    Pricey but with over 50,000 works of art, the app is well worth the price

  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety

    "Age inappropriate works" have been removed from this version

  • Control and feedback
  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas
  • A great app for AP art history and humanities classes
  • Individuals may use the app to prepare for AP exams, research movements, and/or artists
Classroom Considerations
  • The only significant difference between this app and Open Door Networks's other Art Authority app is that this version substitutes "age appropriate views" of nudes and has removed "age inappropriate" works
  • Requires a strong Internet connection
  • Large collections take a considerable time to load
  • Many different search options
  • Images of very high quality
  • User can zoom in and get a close look at different sections of a work
  • Thumbnails of other works by an artist appear at the side of each image


  • Large galleries require significant loading time